How To Report And Delete Someones Facebook Account

Are you curious about how to delete a Facebook account? Whether you’re concerned about your privacy or just don’t want to use the site anymore, this guide will show you the steps necessary to permanently remove your profile.

How To Report And Delete Someones Facebook Account

There are a few ways to report and delete someone’s Facebook account. The most common way is to go to the account’s profile, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the cover photo, and select “Report.” From there, you can choose “This person is pretending to be me,” “This person is harassing me,” or “This person is violating my privacy.” You can also report someone for spam or scamming. If you select one of these options,

– Facebook account – Computer – Internet access

  • Click on the “general” tab scroll down to the “manage account” section click on “delete your account” enter your
  • Log into facebook account
  • Go to the “settings” page

on – How to Report a Facebook Account – How to Delete a Facebook Account How to Report a Facebook Account: 1. Navigate to the Facebook page of the account you wish to report. 2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the profile photo and select “Report”. 3. Select the reason you are reporting the account, and provide any additional information you think is relevant. 4. Click

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Reports Are Needed To Remove A Facebook Account?

There is no defined answer to this question as it depends on the specific situation. Generally, Facebook will remove an account if it receives a certain number of reports from different people. However, if the account is deemed to be in violation of Facebook’s terms of service, the account may be removed without any reports required.

How Many Times Does A Facebook Page Need To Be Reported?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on the severity of the violations and how often they are reported.Typically, Facebook will take action after three reports of a similar violation.

How Many People Does It Take To Report A Facebook Page?

It takes two people to report a Facebook page. One to report the page and one to confirm the report.

What Happens When Your Facebook Page Gets Reported?

If someone reports your Facebook page, it will be sent to Facebook for review. Facebook will look at the report and determine if the page violates its terms of service. If the page is found to violate the terms of service, Facebook may remove it.

Can You Report Someones Facebook Account?

Yes, you can report someone’s Facebook account if it is being used to harass or bully you or someone else.

Can You Report Multiple Times On Facebook?

Yes. Facebook allows you to report a post multiple times.

How Many Reports Does An Account Need To Be Deleted?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it can depend on the specific rules and regulations of the social media platform in question. However, typically, an account will need to be deleted after a certain number of reports have been filed against it.

How Many Reports Get An Account Deleted?

It’s difficult to estimate how many reports get an account deleted because it varies depending on the severity of the violation and the type of account. Generally, repeated violations or especially egregious ones can lead to an account being deleted.

How Many Reports Does It Take To Delete A Facebook Account?

It takes one report to delete a Facebook account.


Deleting or reporting someone’s Facebook account can be a useful way to remove unwanted content or communication from your Facebook page. Deleting an account will remove all posts, photos, and information from the site. Reporting an account will send a notification to Facebook that the account is in violation of the site’s terms of service and may be removed.

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