How To Delete Other Contacts In Gmail

When you add a new contact to Gmail, an address book entry is created automatically. If you later want to delete a contact that you’ve added, you can do so by following these steps: 1. Log in to your Gmail account. 2. Click the “Contacts” tab at the top of the page. 3. Click on the “All Contacts” link in the left-hand column. 4. Scroll through the list of contacts

How To Delete Other Contacts In Gmail

There can be different reasons why you would want to delete other contacts in Gmail. Maybe you have decided to only use your Gmail account for business purposes and no longer want any personal contacts stored in there. Or maybe you are having trouble with spam or unwanted messages and believe that getting rid of all of the extraneous contacts will help clean up your inbox. No matter what the reason, deleting other contacts in Gmail is a fairly simple process. First, open up your Gmail account and

1. A computer with internet access 2. Your Gmail account 3. The contacts you want to delete

  • Click on the “my contacts” link in the lefthand column. select
  • Log into your gmail account
  • Click on the “contacts” tab at the top of the page

-To delete other contacts in Gmail, you must first open the contact list. -Next, you must click on the contact that you want to delete. -After that, you must click on the ‘More’ button and then select ‘Delete’. -Finally, you must click on ‘Yes’ to confirm that you want to delete the contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Other Contacts In Google Contacts?

The other contacts in Google Contacts are people or businesses that you have saved in your address book. You can add them by typing their name, email address, or phone number into the search bar.

How Do I See Other Contacts In Gmail?

To see other contacts in Gmail, click on the “Contacts” tab and then select “All Contacts.” You can also search for a specific contact by typing their name into the search bar.

What Is Other Contacts In Gmail?

Other Contacts in Gmail is a list of all the contacts that are not in your Google Contacts. This list includes all the contacts in your address book, as well as any other email addresses that you’ve added to your Gmail account.

In Closing

To delete other contacts in Gmail, you can either individually select each one and click the “Remove” button, or use the “Select All” checkbox at the top of the list and then click “Remove.”

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