How To Delete All My Facebook Data

There are a few ways to delete all your Facebook data. You can either delete your account, or delete your data manually.

How To Delete All My Facebook Data

There are a number of ways to delete all your Facebook data. The first way is to go to the “General Account Settings” page and click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” Once you have downloaded your data, you can then delete your account. The second way is to go to the “Delete My Account” page and click on “Delete my account.”

1. A computer with internet access 2. A Facebook account 3. The ability to delete all content and data from your Facebook account

  • Click the “settings” button on the top right of the page
  • Log into facebook
  • Click “general” on the left side of the page scroll down and click “delete my account” enter your password

How to Delete All My Facebook Data To delete all your Facebook data: 1. Log into Facebook and go to Settings. 2. Click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data” at the bottom of the General Account Settings. 3. Click on “Start My Archive.” 4. Wait for the email from Facebook with a link to download your data. 5. Click on the link in the email and select “Delete my account.” 6. Enter

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Deleting Facebook Delete All Data?

Yes, deleting Facebook deletes all data.

How Long Does Facebook Keep Data Of A Deleted Account?

Facebook retains deleted account data for a “reasonable” amount of time to comply with its data retention policies, but generally deletes it within 90 days.

How Do I Completely Delete Everything From Facebook?

There is no one-step way to delete everything from your Facebook account. First, you’ll need to download a copy of all your data. Then, you can delete your account and all its data by following these instructions.

In Closing

Facebook enables you to delete all your data by going to the “delete account” page. However, this process is not reversible, so be sure to export your data first if you want to keep it.

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