How To Delete A Pokemon Ultra Moon Save

There are various ways to delete a Pokémon Ultra Moon save. One way is to delete the save file on the game cartridge. Another way is to delete the save data from the Nintendo 3DS system settings.

How To Delete A Pokemon Ultra Moon Save

A Pokémon Ultra Moon save can be deleted in the same way as a Pokémon Ultra Sun save. Open the Nintendo 3DS home menu, select System Settings, then select Data Management. Highlight the Pokémon Ultra Moon game card and press the X button. Select Delete, then Yes to confirm.

-Nintendo 3DS or 2DS -Ultra Moon game cartridge -Memory card -Computer -Pokemon save file

  • Select ‘delete save data’ and confirm your choice
  • Start your game and load your save file
  • Open the menu and go to ‘story mode’

-There may be various ways to delete a Pokémon Ultra Moon save, but one of the most common methods is by using the console’s built-in delete feature. -First, navigate to the save file you wish to delete. This can be done by going to the main menu and selecting “File” > “Open Folder.” -Then, look for the file named “000” and delete it. Be very careful when doing this, as deleting the wrong file could

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Delete A Save On Pokemon Ultra?

There is no way to delete a save on Pokemon Ultra. However, you can erase all saved data on the game by pressing and holding L+R+SELECT+START at the title screen.

How Do You Restart A Pokemon Game?

There are a few ways to restart a Pokémon game. One way is to delete the game data and start again. Another way is to Press and hold L+R buttons, then press start while on the title screen.

How Do I Delete A Pokemon Save?

If you want to delete your Pokémon save, you can do so by going into the game’s settings and selecting “Delete Save”.

In Closing

In order to delete a saved game in Pokemon Ultra Moon, you must first go to the title screen. From there, select “Options,” and then “Delete.” After that, select the game you wish to delete and confirm your selection.

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