How To Change My Spotify Login From Facebook To Email

Spotify is a music streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs. You can either listen to them for free with ads, or pay for a premium subscription that removes the ads and gives you access to exclusive features. You can use Spotify on your computer, phone, or tablet.

How To Change My Spotify Login From Facebook To Email

Spotify is a music streaming service that allows users to listen to songs and albums from a library of over 30 million tracks, create and share playlists, as well as follow artists and friends. The service is available in over 60 countries and has over 100 million active users. To use Spotify, you must first create a Spotify account. You can create an account by signing up with an email address or by logging in with Facebook. If you choose to sign up with Facebook, your

-Computer -Internet connection -Spotify account -Facebook account -Email account

  • Log out of your spotify account on all devices
  • Click “log in” and you’re done!
  • Head to and enter your email address and password

-There are a few ways to change your Spotify login from Facebook to email. -The first way is to go to the Spotify website and click on “Login” in the top right corner. -Next, click on “Forgot password?” and then enter the email address that you want to use for Spotify. -The next way is to open the Spotify app on your phone or computer and tap on the “Profile” icon in the bottom left corner. -Tap

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Change My Spotify Account From Facebook?

To change your Spotify account from Facebook, first log into Spotify on the web. Then, click on the silhouette icon in the top left corner and select “Settings.” From there, click on “Social” and uncheck the box that says “Connect with Facebook.” Finally, click on “Save.”

How Do I Log Into Spotify Without Facebook?

There are a few ways to log into Spotify without Facebook. One way is to create a Spotify account with an email address and password. Another way is to use the Spotify app on your phone and login with your phone number.

How Do I Get Into My Spotify Account?

To get into your Spotify account, you will need to enter the email address and password that you used to create the account. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by following the instructions on the Spotify website.

To Summarize

To change your Spotify login from Facebook to email: 1. Log out of Spotify on all devices. 2. Go to and click “Sign In” in the top-right corner. 3. Select “Email” under “Login with”. 4. Enter your email address and password, and click “Log In”.

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